A morning with little drops of rainwater and a soothing glimpse of you. Have a very good morning.

This morning is unforgettable as it is shining due to the seven colors of a rainbow rising out of the little drops of rainwater.

I want to get mixed with each drop of rain and touch the red roses and green orchards. good morning.

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A morning that welcomes you with little drops is said to be water sent from the heavens. Let it soothe your sight and give peace to your mind. Good morning.

I was gloomy. I forgot to laugh. This morning rain removed my ache and made me happy.

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Mornings are always bright but they become brighter when they carry rain.

Like every beautiful drop of water that falls on your windowpane, let life be touched by droplets of happiness and joy. Have a beautiful day ahead!

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This is such a beautiful morning. After days of heat, the rain feels fresh like you and beautiful as ever. I hope you are enjoying it too. Good morning.

Go out and let the little drops of rain wash all your sorrows and worries. Stay happy and enjoy the blessings of rain.

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I wish that these lovely drops of rain fill your heart with happiness and satisfaction. Enjoy every moment of life my dear.

The rainy morning is unexpected but nature is full of such surprises. So, use this surprise to be your best self. Have a peaceful, mind-blowing day ahead.

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With a little hail, everything can become so much more beautiful. This morning is so calming and I hope you are enjoying snuggling in your bed. Good morning.

Do you know that rain refreshes our soul? that’s why it is called a blessing. Wishing you a lovely rainy day with a hot sip of tea. Enjoy your time.

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I felt fresh to see the wet leaves of green trees and bright colors of flowers after the rain bath. Good Morning to you.

The rain in the morning came as a sweet surprise. Look out the window and see how refreshing everything looks. It’s a beautiful world out there. Good morning.

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